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Clint Millar Bike Check - Colony BMX

Clint Millar gives you a run down of his current Colony build. Watch the bike check video for more info and see the spec list below.

Frame: Colony MillarLITE

Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset

Bars: Colony Hardy V2 8.8" rise

Headset: Colony

Stem: Colony Variant

Seat: Division Brookside Combo

Cranks: Colony Venator 170mm

Sprocket: Colony CD 25T

Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics with Gold axles

Hubs: Colony Wasp with Alloy 9T driver

Grips: Colony Much Room

Barends: Colony Konka

Brakes: Colony Brethren with RX3 Gyro and Brethren Levers

Rims: Colony Contour Pegs: Colony Anyway (no sleeves)

Tyres: Colony 2.2" Griplock LITE

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